Who is Matt Wurst?


Matt Wurst is a digital marketing and Web3 consultant based in New York. He is the founder of PointSymmetry, a digital marketing and Web3 consultancy that helps agencies, start-ups, emerging, big brands, and nonprofits to grow and build for their future. Matt’s expertise lies in developing marketing strategies, blockchain and tokenization plans from NFTs to metaverse activation, brand identities, operational frameworks, and content. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry and possesses a range of skills, including Web3, agency development, strategic planning, digital strategy, brand development, and start-ups.

Before starting PointSymmetry, Matt held various positions in the digital marketing industry. He was the global client lead at Jellyfish, where he was responsible for acquiring Revelation to build a fully integrated digital marketing, media, creative, and tech partner focused on brand-building, performance strategy, and customizable solutions for global brands. Prior to that, Matt was the managing director at Revelation, where he provided leadership and direction to the company.

In 2021, Matt co-founded Mint, a platform to monetize and market assets using NFTs and digital tokens. The platform simplifies the experience for brands, leagues, teams, agencies, etc. to distribute digital tokens, assets, NFTs directly to consumers, launch branded marketplaces, and provide seamless transactions, interactions, and utility for collectors. Mint’s clients and partners include the National Basketball Association, National Football League, Anheuser-Busch, Mars Wrigley, Dapper Labs, Axiom Space, OpenLocker, and more.

Matt serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Mint, where he is responsible for brand strategy, digital marketing transformation, branding, affinity, and loyalty through blockchain tokenization. He has been a guest speaker at various events, including a Mint webinar, where he explained the significance of digital tokens as more than just collectibles. He was also featured on The SportsTech Allstars Podcast, where he discussed Mint’s platform to monetize and market assets using NFTs and digital tokens. In an interview with Authority Magazine, Matt shared his insights on the five things you need to know to create a highly valuable NFT.

Overall, Matt Wurst is a seasoned professional in the digital marketing and Web3 industry, who has a proven track record of success in developing and executing marketing strategies for his clients. He is an expert in blockchain and tokenization, and is passionate about helping companies to leverage NFTs to monetize and market their assets.

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