McKinney Aquires August United Influencer Marketing Agency


McKinney, a creative and media agency, announced its acquisition of August United, a leading influencer marketing agency. August United, which was previously owned by Audacious Studios, provides full-service influencer marketing capabilities, and McKinney will also acquire Tailwind, the performance media arm of Audacious Studios, to strengthen its integrated offering. This move will allow McKinney to continue delivering a modern ecosystem for clients, with all capabilities under a single management team and P&L.

“The growth of social media and user-generated content has propelled the importance of influencer marketing,” said Joe Maglio, CEO of McKinney. “Micro and mid-tier influencers, which are August United’s focus area, have been proven to drive significant engagement and impact purchasing decisions. We’re thrilled to bring this expertise to our client partners.”

As the $16.4 billion industry of influencer marketing continues to grow, it’s crucial for brands to have a focused strategy in this field, especially with the rise of Gen Z and Millennial buying power and changing media consumption habits. This acquisition will offer significant opportunities for McKinney and August United to help their clients unlock their full potential.

“August United has always been at the forefront of digital marketing, and when we refocused on influencer marketing in 2015, we knew it would become a core part of a brand’s social media strategy,” said Margie Traylor, Co-Founder of August United. “We’re excited to partner with McKinney and take our offering to the next level.”

With its specialization in all aspects of influencer marketing, August United works with clients such as Microsoft, Samsung, Nestle, and P.F. Chang’s. The acquisition will bring 60 employees to McKinney, increasing its workforce to almost 300, and expand its reach with a new office in Phoenix, in addition to its current locations in Durham, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York.

McKinney, with its headquarters in Durham, NC, and locations in several cities across the US, is a part of the Cheil Worldwide network, providing clients with access to Main Street America while keeping up with the latest trends and innovation. McKinney has been recognized by numerous prestigious awards and works with a wide range of brands to create and implement a modern communications ecosystem. Visit for more information.

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