In a recent release, Tripadvisor announced the launch of its new in-house creative and content studio, Wanderlab. Based out of SoHo, New York City, Wanderlab is headed by Christine Maguire and focuses on developing “cutting-edge marketing solutions” to help brands better engage high-intent travel audiences both on and off of Tripadvisor properties.

The studio’s first client is San Diego Tourism Authority, with whom they have entered into a $1.5 million partnership promoting the city’s vibrant culture of optimism and positivity. As part of the campaign, Wanderlab will be producing various pieces of online content as well as a series of interactive murals that will appear in strategic locations across the United States.

The Power of First-Party Data
What sets Wanderlab apart from other creative studios is its access to Tripadvisor’s wealth of first-party data. This data gives them a unique advantage when it comes to understanding traveler behavior and developing targeted campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their intended audience. In a statement, Maguire said that “Wanderlab was created to bridge the gap between what marketers are looking for—authentic traveler insights and creative ways to reach them—and what we have to offer at Tripadvisor.”

Tripadvisor’s new Wanderlab studio is just the latest example of how the company is looking to cash in on its massive user base. By leveraging its first-party data, Wanderlab will be able to create highly relevant campaigns that will help brands better engage potential customers who are interested in travel. With San Diego Tourism Authority as its first client, it will be interesting to see how Wanderlab’s campaigns perform and what other brands will ultimately sign on with the new studio.

As the competitive landscape for travel marketers continues to heat up, those who are able to effectively utilize data to create relevant, targeted campaigns will have a significant advantage over those who cannot. With its new studio and access to first-party data, Tripadvisor is positioned to help its clients meet these challenges head on. Only time will tell whether Wanderlab will be successful in achieving its goals, but given Tripadvisor’s stature in the travel industry, it seems like a safe bet that they will be able to make a big impact.

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