8 Proven Tips to Market on Tik-Tok


Ever since its launch back in 2016, TikTok has managed to dominate the social media game, further pushing the envelope of what the medium can do and what the influencers using it can achieve.

In many ways, it’s quite easy to see why TikTok is so successful, and why it’s currently the best example of how marketing and social media can evolve. Primarily targeting the Gen Z, TikTok is easy to use, engaging, has endless content, and provides instant gratification.

On the other side of this spectrum are the users, or more specifically, the platform’s most famous individuals: the TikTok influencers. Always on top of the latest trends, TikTok influencers not only manage to gather huge followings, but also partner with brands to promote products with their creative content, leading to many actually pursuing being an influencer as a career.

The problem however is that, for every TikTok influencer that manages to break through, there are more than a few that fail to get traction. Thankfully, there are tricks, tips and tools to help wannabe influencers get a leg up in the competition.

Here, we’ve listed down the best ones that every TikTok influencer hopefuls should not only be aware of, but take advantage of:

1. Be on top of trends
Fast-moving and ever-changing, TikTok trends are one of the top content drivers in the platform, often dictating what the majority of its users will be seeing on the app. If you want to be well-known, then the key is to be able to stay on top of these trends. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping an eye out for trending hashtags, and being prepared to tailor your content to suit the current craze.

Remember that some of these trends come out of nowhere, while others are tied to current events. So master speed and adaptability, and you’ll see your following organically grow as more people see your content and recognize you as an influencer.

2. Find your niche
TikTok has proven that its platform is more than just challenges, trending dance videos, and cute animals. These days, there’s a niche topic for just about everyone, which means that whatever type of content you provide, there’s bound to be an audience for it.

Finding your niche is also a great way of standing out in TikTok’s sea of users, as it will not only help you zero in on an audience, but get a following without miming what everyone else is already doing. This also opens up the possibility of you eventually building your own community that extends beyond the app.

3. Tell a story
Telling a story and communicating it properly can help turn attention to your content. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Like any other platform, one of the best ways to capture your audience is by telling a story, and the easiest way to do this on TikTok is by strategically using text overlays. Using this catches your viewer’s attention, after which you can then reel them in step-by-step.

It’s also a good idea to ask yourself what sort of text and story can you publish to grab users’ attention enough for them to turn the sound on and give your video the time of day.

4. Expand your community
At its core, social media is all about socializing and sharing your life, so why not do the same for your followers?

If you already have your own following or have managed to create a small community, then it’s a good idea to maximize engagement with them by letting them follow you on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

And by taking advantage of marketing tools, you can automate your posts for all platforms and get the most out of your social media efforts. Three great examples of this are Social Web Suite, Revive Social and Tailwind, all of which provide all-in-one solutions for budding TikTok influencers and even individuals that use social media for their businesses.

As a TikTok influencer, you can take advantage of Social Web Suite to reach more people, track the success of your marketing campaigns (if you’re working with a brand), get organized, interact with fans/followers, and even schedule your content publishing.

On the other hand, Revive Social will provide you with key features and tools that are all centralized on helping you understand various aspects of the social media and keep your content front and center. Revive Social achieves this via its plugin, which features social media integration, full control over sharing, custom posts, filter tags, click-tracking and post scheduling.

Lastly, Tailwind is great for Instagram and Pinterest marketing, making it perfect for TikTokers that also want to improve their following on these social media platforms. Providing marketing tools like schedulers, analytics, access to communities, planners, hashtag finders and smart bios, it’s a trusted game-changer when it comes to growing your profiles.

By using these platforms, not only will you be able to organize your socials, but also give your more time to create content and engage with your community.

5. Partner with a brand

Partnering with a brand is another good way of increasing your following, so long as your partner with the right one.

If you ever get the opportunity to, then partnering with a brand is also a great way of upping your TikTok influencer brand.

Provided that you partner with a brand that wouldn’t alienate your audience, it can quickly build your reputation and make you come off as more trustworthy, which will help you in the long run. Beyond the creativity and endless ideas, TikTok also functions as a well-oiled marketing machine, and using this aspect of the platform is guaranteed to boost your following.

In such cases, using a good and trusted Affiliate tracker like Affluent will make the difference. Providing you with all of the tools that you need in one unified dashboard, Affluent removes all the hassle that comes with the affiliate marketing industry so you can instead focus on providing value, whether it’s through products, services, or your own content.

6. Post often and be consistent
When it comes to TikTok, consistency is the name of the game, and you can do this by posting as often as you can. As such, it’s a good idea to fix a designated time for your video uploads. This way, your audience will know when to expect something new.

To shake it up every now and then, post something about your daily life, hobbies, etc. in between your regular updates, as this will help break the monotony and give your audience something more personal to connect with.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

TikTok is all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to use that and keep experimenting! With millions of users on the app, you need to do something different from the crowd, and the only way to find out what works is by continuously trying new things and experimenting.

This is also a good way of making common content brand-new, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. The best part of TikTok is that there are no rules and limits, so let your inner child awaken and be as expressive as you can be!

8. Be authentic and have fun
Social media marketing and branded content aside, TikTok is, first and foremost, a platform for creativity, so don’t forget to have fun when you’re creating content.

Your audience will also be able to tell when you’re being inauthentic and fake, so do your best to keep it real even when you eventually get partnerships and branded affiliations. Being able to stay true even with promotions is a skill that takes practice, so make sure that you’re prepared for it when the time comes.

In the meantime, it’s TikTok, so have fun!

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