7 Marketing Mistakes B2B Companies Often Make

B2B companies must leverage the power of social media marketing to reach their audience and generate leads effectively. However, many companies that typically have worked in traditional marketing mediums or have not spent a lot of time on marketing can make a lot of mistakes as they transition to a more digitally focused marketing plan. Internet marketing company, fishbat, lists seven marketing mistakes that B2B companies often make.

  1. Failing to use analytics to refine marketing strategies, content, and platform dissemination. Whether investing in a paid analytic program or utilizing free analytics provided by major social media platforms, analytics are necessary to hit the mark in marketing. Use analytics to gain visibility to what platforms are generating results, what ads get the best response, target audience demographics, bounce rates, page views, and content likes and shares. Such information will help to refine marketing to drive the best results.
  2. Failing to address the right target audience. It’s essential to identify a brand’s target audience and to speak to that audience. Content should have a consistent brand voice to establish brand recognition and gain a following, which will increase social sharing. Generic posts and inaccurate target audience assumptions will go unnoticed, costing a business money, time, and effort.
  3. Not equipping website and content for lead generation. Ensure that websites and content are equipped for lead generation by incorporating CTAs. Ask for contact information by providing a CTA to subscribe to an email list or to be contacted with information, offer downloadable information, contest entries, coupons, and more in. CTAs should be bold and prominently placed.
  4. Inconsistent dissemination of content. Marketing must reach the right audience with frequency. It takes more than one hit to make an impression. Ensure that quality content is disseminated on a regular basis to gain brand recognition, followers, likes, and shares. Utilize a consistent brand voice and post at consistent times of day and days of the week to grow your following and to get noticed.
  5. Failing to optimize website and content for SEO. Include social sharing buttons, backlinks, mobile responsive design, and keywords in titles, picture titles, headers, footers, and content to optimize websites for SEO. These features generate traffic and provide an SEO boost for higher search engine ranking.
  6. Failing to focus marketing message around unique capabilities. Stand out from the competition. Identify a need in the industry and figure out how the company can help their consumers with a common pain point. Ensure that what makes the brand unique is a focal part of the marketing strategy.
  7. Ignoring the “baby bear.” Marketing campaigns can run too long, too short, or just right. Don’t ignore the baby bear by letting failing campaigns continue or by ceasing campaigns before they get a chance to gain momentum. Access analytics regularly to see where marketing campaigns are working or failing and refine efforts from there. Constant marketing changes confuse the audience and have a negative impact on brand recognition.
fishbat is a full-service online marketing company and social media agency dedicated to connecting all types of businesses with their target audiences in the most effective and efficient way. Through innovative strategies in social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, web design, reputation management, and public relations, fishbat promotes a consistent and professional online voice for all of its clients.

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