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Not Creative? Travel.

Traveling has always been looked at as a way to get away, but one thing that many don’t think about is that it can boost your creativity as well. In the advertising field, creativity is a must and it’s ultimately what sorts the best out from the rest.

Many people travel just to get away, but what many don’t realize is they can use it to sharpen their creative mind. With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the ways that traveling has been proven to enhance creativity.

The “regular” routine can be broken

DSC_0488We’re all too used to what’s considered the usual way of getting things done. While having a routine makes most people feel comfortable, it can greatly hinder your creative state. When you’re traveling, you tend to be more open to change than you are at home.

When you travel, try to change up the way you do things. Don’t be bound to the “usual” routine, but rather be open-minded that there are alternative ways to get thing done. If you’re at home, you can unleash this opportunity by taking in new places locally.

Traveling allows us to embrace different experiences

Every part of the world allows us to experience a different kind of culture. This is why it’s nearly impossible to boost your creativity if you don’t immerse yourself in the culture that surrounds you. By doing this you’ll be able to see things a different way.

Combine that with relating the difference with your usual state of mind and you’re sure to go about things with a more open mind which leads to doing things differently that are sure to set you apart. Not to mention, this often leads people to feeling more inspired to do things than those who don’t take advantage of the benefits that traveling has to offer.

Different environments provide a change of scenery

A change of scenery has been proven not only to help people get more things done, but also to be more creative on the approach they take. This has even more benefits to those in creative fields such as web design and writing as it paints a different picture for them.

The “same old” scenery tends to put limits to what one is capable of. Whereas traveling and taking in new scenery allows the creative mind to work without limits.

Did you know creativity can improve your quality of life?

Not only is creativity something that truly sets one apart, but it also leads to a better quality of life. After traveling it’s not too uncommon to look at your local surroundings in a new way. After all, the different way of life will help you understand how others look at things.

You’re sure to enjoy life a lot more and be more creative in all aspects.

What are some of the ways that traveling has boosted your creativity?

Ricky Ahuja
Ricky Ahuja
A serial entrepreneur, Ricky Ahuja has been known and well respected for his strong acumen as an online marketer and social media expert. . His previous agency was ranked in the Top 10 on 2012 list of the “Top 10 Networks” and was most recently nominated as a Top 20 Ad Network on Blue Book survey by Revenue Performance. He is now the Director at Nutryst and working closely with John Crestani and Steve Lowry to build the leading Nutra only network.


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