Adult app store MiKandi is looking for beta testers! The site recently launched HTML5 support for all touch devices. Now players using Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and desktop computer can enjoy adult mobile games such as Fap Ninja, 8 Bit Dick, Strip Ninja by Doxy, and more.

“For the past several years, adult games has been one of our most popular categories,” said MiKandi CEO, Jesse Adams. “Since the majority of adult games were built with Flash or for PC only, it made sense for us to design a next generation, mobile–first game distribution platform. The adult industry in general is just starting to think about a world without Flash, so we’re excited about the opportunities HTML5 will bring.”

The company has taken a proactive approach over the past year by investing in new adult games and partnering with HTML5 game developers to create a platform which enables developers to reach a larger audience. Each game includes a copy and paste embed widget to easily add games to any website. A JSON game feed with advanced embedding options is also available, for those willing to put in the work to customize the entire game catalog for their sites. This option includes the ability to put ads around the games. Through the game feed, publishers can supercharge their sites and increase engagement by offering real value to users with free, playable content that works across devices.

“While the road to building such games without the use of browser runtimes like Flash has been challenging, we hope to take the lead in providing great experiences which run within the safety of the browser sandbox,” Adams continued. “These games allow a whole new universe of customers on iOS and desktop devices access to the MiKandi ecosystem. We’re thrilled that so many more people will be able to experience the MiKandi vision of Satisfaction on Demand.”

Free, playable content is attractive to consumers, and will boost paying traffic. Once MiKandi finishes their beta testing phase, even the games themselves will pay. In the meantime, several new games are scheduled for release over the next few weeks, and even more in the coming months. Now is your chance to offer something new and exciting to your consumers!

Visit to create an account and access the apps.
Interested beta testers should email for details.