Facebook Banned Me for Sucking a Candy Cane


It seems that this morning Facebook decided that Candy Canes were inappropriate and banned me. Mind you, I’m only banned for Twenty-Four Hours, which means tomorrow I’ll be back on Facebook again, and probably a lot less productive than I will be today. The photo in question, is a bit on the risqué side, but it’s far from “nudity” as expressed by Facebook’s in-house censors. I’m not disagreeing that Facebook probably should have a team of people making sure that advertisers aren’t that upset with the photos, but this has to go a little too far.


Yes, Facebook ruled that this photo done by Photographer Michael Maze, of a friend of mine, Sarah Jane Woodall aka  Wonderhussy  was nudity. This raises a lot of questions, the first being if someone who works for Facebook actually believes that Santa Klaus is indeed gifted with a peppermint penis? The other possibility is that someone just found it offensive over at Facebook and considered this part of some “War on Christmas” and is censoring speech based on their own belief system.

That’s the most worrisome of anything: that there are people working at Facebook who are using the platform to censor ideas and thoughts, only because they disagree with them. One has to assume that every organization has those people, but Facebook has a unique place in modern society as one of the largest reaching social media companies in the world. Obviously to most people this is just a highly provocative photo, but some people who are obsessed with the idea that modern society is going in the tubes, may see this as more.

Then again, maybe one of their censors is just stupid and I’m overthinking the whole thing.

Strangely enough the photo is still on Wonderhussy’s FanPage.


What's your opinion?