Friday, December 8, 2023

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Google App Install & Reengagement now Globally Available

Marketers have been able to display ads for app installs or re-engagements on Google’s mobile ad platform, AdMob since last June.  Apparently Google likes the results they are getting, because they are now rolling these types of ads out globally.

Marketers will be able to display advertisements to try to get people to either install a new app, or open an existing one on both YouTube and normal search ads.  The ads are able to be displayed on both Android and iOS devices, and the ads will automatically link to the proper area, which makes this type of advertising much easier for the marketers themselves.

At this point, only Android apps will have stats and other information tracked through AdWords natively.  iOS ads will need to have separate analytics set up manually to track the conversions and other results.  It can be assumed, however, that in the future the iOS apps will be tracked as well.

With mobile apps exploding in popularity over the last several years, and a growing number of marketers turning them into a major industry, this will be an excellent new option.  This type of advertising will likely be most popular for people who are promoting ads that either cost money to download, or have ‘freemium’ content available within the app as those have been shown to be especially popular and profitable.

This is a very smart move from Google not only because it will help marketers and bring in new advertisers, but also because many of the apps that are purchased will come from Google’s own “Play” store, making Google even more money.

Pesach Lattin
Pesach Lattin
Pesach "Pace" Lattin is one of the top experts in interactive advertising, affiliate marketing. Pesach Lattin is known for his dedication to ethics in marketing, and focus on compliance and fraud in the industry, and has written numerous articles for publications from MediaPost, ClickZ, ADOTAS and his own blogs.

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