Friday, December 8, 2023

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High ROI Traffic Sources with Media Intelligence

Big brands and agencies have media buyers.  These people’s only job is to find successful traffic sources.  They don’t have to find the right offers.  They don’t have to build the right campaigns.  They don’t choose banners, optimize landing pages, or make sure they are paid correctly and on time.  They find traffic sources.  And, as it turns out – they don’t even do that on their own.  They have tools that do it for them!

As a performance marketer, you probably don’t have (and shouldn’t bother to get) your own Media Buyer; however, you can (and should) get the same tools used by the top Media Buyers in the industry.  In this AdClarity white paper, you can learn how media intelligence (MI) provides the formula you need to find the right traffic sources for the audience you are targeting.

In a nutshell, it focuses on learning from the past successes (and failures) of your competitors, peers, and other industry players.  Using MI, you can uncover the activities of others, get an overview of their strategies, drill down to explore specific initiatives, duplicate their success, and avoid their failures.

Doing that saves times and money.  You save time because there is no longer a need to manually research or test networks and publishers on your own.  You save money by reducing test budgets and eliminating waste on poor performers.  And that, right there, is enough reason to use MI.  In the humble words of our “As Seen on TV” brethren, “but wait, there is more!”

MI allows you to quickly and easily research the media spreads of other players.  Once you determine, for example, which markets they are running in, you can start operating in markets they haven’t approached yet.  No competition = easy money!

You can find publishers that worked for them and run on these publishers yourself.  Proven success = easy money.

You can determine which publishers ran failed tests for similar products and avoid running on those sites.  Avoided mistakes = more money stays in your pocket.

This is what Media Buyers do.  They find the right traffic sources.  Or, more accurately, they use tools that automatically find the right traffic sources for them.  Isn’t it time these automated systems worked for you too?

Read the WhitePaper Here

Kfir Moyal
Kfir Moyal
Kfir Moyal is CEO of BIScience (AdClarity) and General Partner of Cyhawk Ventures. Kfir co-founded Matomy (previously AdsMarket), a worldwide leader in multi-channel performance based advertising, with revenues of above $100M. Being a savvy technologist and a successful businessman, Kfir’s gift is identifying market trends and new businesses with potential and using his product development, strategic planning, marketing, business development and M&A experience to bring them into the fold as mature, profitable entities. Active in the online industry for more than 15 years, his special focus is on New Media, Online Advertising and Digital Marketing.

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