Flurry, a mobile analytics and advertising company that offers users with high quality analytics apps, along with many other services, has just confirmed that they completed another successful capital funding round, gathering $12.5 Million from inventors who, for now, have not been named.  This investment is in addition to the $25 million they raised last year.

The Flurry app is being used by 400,000 devices, and growing at a rate of about 20,000 per month according to Flurry.  They are also tracking a variety of different types of activity from over 1.2 Billion mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.  In an attempt to extend their reach even further, they are working with 125,000 developers to help integrate their analytics and advertising platform, as well as provide other types of information.

The company has been extremely successful with raising capital, with the most recent $12.5 million bringing them up to a total of $62.5 million raised, according to company spokesperson.  There are rumors going around that there may be an IPO at some point in the future.  One thing that may make this company a very popular IPO would be that they recently became cash flow positive, which is not all that common for tech companies at this stage.

The future seems to be quite bright for Fury and their investors.  Whether they decide to go public, or keep their business running as it is, they are going to continue to be a big player in the mobile analytics world.


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