You are probably wondering what this exacrlt has to do with Performance Marketing, and frankly I’m not really sure it does. I was just so entranced by this performance by Glenn Beck, the right-wing commentator, that I couldn’t help sharing it.  Politics aside, you have to wonder if someone switched his medication out or he had a stroke on live TV.   What is even stranger is that his staff felt this performance was so worth watching, that it’s on their own official YouTube channel.

Yes, this does have something to do with marketing. In a nutshell, no matter what may seem crazy to most of us, will often resonate with a certain audience. Not 100% sure what is the audience here, but there are some people who probably watched this, got out their Wizard of Oz dolls and played along with Beck.

Remember that what you are selling, or what you are marketing, isn’t always going to be best presented in a way that will make YOU specifically buy it.  People actually buy those little figurines that you see in magazines and don’t think anything strange about collecting ridiculous amounts of them and displaying them in their living room.

Say what you will about Glenn Beck politically, but I think he gets his audience.

What's your opinion?