Friday, December 8, 2023

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ValueClick Selling Sites

ValueClick, one of the world’s largest digital marketing companies, has recently announced that they will be selling off a number of their web properties known as its ‘Owned & Operated’ segments.  These sites include Investopedia, PriceRunner,, SymptomFind, and more.  John Giuliani, the President and Chief Executive officer of ValueClick said the following about the decision to sell:

While we have a strong set of businesses within our O&O segment, we have concluded that they do not align with our ‘One ValueClick’ strategy of leveraging our broad set of unique data assets and differentiated technology platforms to connect consumers and brands through personalized one-to-one marketing at scale.  Being able to focus entirely on our core Media and Affiliate Marketing segments, which together currently represent more than 90% of our profitability, will allow us to direct management attention and capital resources to better serve our clients, employees and shareholders.

At this point, ValueClick will continue to run their O&O segment with no significant changes, until they can arrange buyers for the sites.  They have not announced whether the sites will be sold as a group, or if they would be interested in selling them off one by one.  Combined, the sites provide information to 40 million customers each month.

Pesach Lattin
Pesach Lattin
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