The Performance Marketing Association has become in the last few years the only organization that has been appropriately addressing the needs of the performance and affiliate marketing industry.  While it started as a small group of people from companies we barely heard of, it’s grow to an influential organization that has helped bring cases before the US Supreme Court.

Because of this, I’ve decided its time to weigh in who is involved in the governance of the PMA, and making it clear that those in the industry need to not only join the PMA, but also take seriously the voting for board members.

So without much ado,  here are the people that I sincerely believe you should vote for, and the reasons why.

While you can’t vote for all of them, perhaps it will help you in making an educated decision.

1)   Michael Jones, eBay Enterprise Network. Simply put, we need to have eBay involved with the PMA, and helping to make decisions about the industry. eBay has been a huge supporter of the performance marketing industry, and the PMA since its inception and Jones is well known in our industry, well liked and well spoken.

2)   Todd Crawford, Impact Radius. Everyone knows Todd, and not just because of his Facebook posts and biker-chic way of dressing. He’s one of the old timers in the industry, and attends almost every single event that this industry has. Impact Radius is a growing solution provider that is helping take the industry to new levels, and having his insight into technology is extremely important.

3)   Tricia Meyer, Sunshine Rewards. She’s always on the who’s who of women in the industry, and holds the attention of women affiliated perhaps more than anyone else. She knows exactly this fast growing segment of the industry, is an expert in blog issues and is also an attorney.

4)   Peter Wilson, LashBack. Knowing what is going on in the industry is Peter’s passion and he’s involved with so many companies that it’s hard to keep a list. He knows industry investments, corporate management and now is the CEO of LashBack a compliance company. Nothing is more important than compliance right now, and having him involved is a must.

What's your opinion?