Facebook has announced a major redesign to their ad-buying and reporting tools.  These new advertising options are, they say, designed to help give buyers recommendations on where to place the ads based on their specific objectives.  Helping marketers of all types improve the results they get from their Facebook advertising.  These updates are designs specifically to help small businesses improve their marketing efforts.

According to a company blog post, “We’re making these updates so marketers can focus on what matters most to them: driving results for their business.”

These changes will move away from requiring marketers to select a specific ad unit, and toward providing a list of objectives such as website conversions, page post engagement, app installs, page likes and many others.  At this time, there are no offline events such as store visits, or in store purchases. Based on the selections made, Facebook will choose where to place the ads for maximum results.  They will also optimize the ad and its exposure based on the specific audience the marketer defines during the creation process.

Marketers can also choose multiple different images for the advertising, and different text, to allow for simple testing to see which ads drive the best results.

In addition to the object focused ads, Facebook is also providing enhanced reporting to help marketers see how the ads are performing.  The reporting will be more tailored to the objectives chosen when the ad is made.

Overall, these are some pretty significant changes to Facebook’s already very popular advertising service.  It will likely help draw in additional marketers to use their ads, and given the fact that they are testing a new ad network (reported on earlier), this may be quite a big deal for the future of Facebook.

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