WordStream, a maker of Internet Marketing Software, recently published a new infographic which shares some very interesting data about how small businesses are using PPC advertising.  They found that, on average, small businesses spend about $1200 per month in PPC advertising, but over 25% of that is wasted due to managerial and strategic errors.  This translates to over $4 Billion in wasted advertising per year for small businesses alone.

They rated several key areas of PPC marketing, and found that the average small business is getting a C.  The following tasks were graded, and the graphic gave detailed reasons as to why they got the grade they did.

  • Account Activity – C+
  • Ad Relevancy – C
  • Keyword Optimization – B+
  • Landing Page Quality – B+
  • Mobile Search Best Practices – C-

In addition to simply pointing out the negative, the graphic shows small businesses some simple ways they can improve their overall PPC effectiveness.  It even includes the types of things businesses in a variety of sectors could expect if they had fully optimized PPC campaigns.  For example, if a website in the travel and tourism niche optimized their $1200 investment for 2014, they would likely see 36 more bed and breakfast guest inquiries than they did if they were an average site in this niche in 2013.  As any marketer knows, that could translate into thousands of extra dollars per year.

Overall, this infographic shares some very interesting information that all small business owners and marketers should take the time to review.  The vast majority of small businesses would be able to learn something that they can put into practice immediately to improve their PPC results.  Many of the suggestions given would take very little time to implement, and once in place, would provide improved results long into the future.

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