In their ongoing effort to improve their search service, Bing has recently expanded the autocomplete feature.  Earlier this year they launched the People Autosuggest, which would help searchers find the right individual who they were searching for.  With this most recent expansion, the autocomplete feature works on a much wider range of searches, including branded content.

This will not only offer a simpler search solution for users, but it will also encourage marketers to keep Bing in mind when thinking about their SEO strategies.  One of the improvements is when the name of a person is also the name of a brand or something else.  The example given on the official Bing Blog was when an individual searches for the word “pitbull” it will give them the option to tailor the results toward the breed of dog, or the rap artist with the same name.

This seems to be an ongoing effort by Bing to continuously improve the experience for both sides of the search business.  The hope, it seems, is that by improving the average user’s experience, they will be able to bring in more searchers.  As they improve the experience for marketers, additional marketers will start focusing on Bing rather than only thinking about Google.

If successful, the increased number of users will quickly draw the attention of marketers.  As marketers use Bing more, they will likely bring with them many average users.  While they still have a long way to go, the strategy does seem to be working.  Recent search data from ComScore showed that Bing handled 17.9% of total desktop queries in June of 2013.  That is up from 17.4% the previous month. If Bing can keep slowly gaining searchers, they may be able to directly compete with Google in the future.

You can see the Bing Blog post HERE.  You can also see the full results from comScore HERE.
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