It seems like we can hardly go more than a day without hearing about some new advancement from Yahoo.  The latest change is a major overhaul to the search experience for users.  The new user interface offers an improved layout with more search results returning above the fold, and faster response times as well.  The navigation bar is now also at the top of the page, similar to the yahoo home page.  The company announced that this navigation bar will begin to appear on other web properties it owns as well, giving a more branded appearance.

The announcement of the updates to the Yahoo search experience was made via the Tumblr blog, and it also suggests that SEO content can and should still be published on this blogging platform.  This was largely met with a positive response from people who use SEO.  After many changes and updates across the search industry which has made SEO more difficult for some, this is a welcome announcement.

Yahoo’s Senior Vice President of Search, Lauri Mann, reported that “Over the coming months, you’ll see more from Yahoo as we work to deliver a search experience that combines utility with beauty and gets you to your results faster.”  It appears that there are many more changes coming up for Yahoo in their search services.

Yahoo continues to trail well behind Google and Bing when it comes to monthly search traffic, but with these regular updates and improvements they may be able to win over some new users.  One thing is certain, Yahoo was considered by many to be a dying company not too long ago but today they are making decisions and taking action to help restore them to the once great Internet company they were.

Personally I still haven’t used the Yahoo search in many years, and I don’t plan on making the move any time soon.  What about you?  Do you or have you used Yahoo recently?  What do you think of the improvements?  Will this nod to SEOs’ earn them some respect from the marketing community?  The official release from Yahoo can be found HERE.

What's your opinion?