Monetate recently released its quarterly report on ecommerce lead generation.  The results reflect similar findings from previous quarters in terms of which marketing strategies are the most effective for drawing in traffic and converting sales.  The report shows that eMail marketing is far more effective than either search engine traffic or social media marketing efforts.

According to the report, the total conversion rate for targeted email content was over 3% in the first quarter of 2013.   Traffic from search engines converted at just under 2%, leaving social media marketing in last place at under 1% conversion rates.  When it comes to the total number of page views generated by these three popular marketing techniques, email came out on top again.  More people click through to websites through email marketing than either search engine marketing or social media campaigns.

While eMail marketing has long been a powerful technique, it is getting even better due to advanced technologies and strategies which are available today.  Marketers are able to use channels and multiple eMail lists to send out extremely targeted information.  Much of this targeting can now be done automatically which makes it possible for successful marketers to build very responsive lists which will convert extremely well both in the short and long term.

Experts also find that while eMail marketing is an effective option as it is today, many companies are missing out on huge opportunities.  Many businesses focus all their effort on getting people to sign up for their eMail list and then just send out the same information to everyone on the list.  When they take advantage of tools to tailor the information sent based on things like where they signed up, the information gathered on the individuals in the list and even their buying history it is possible to dramatically increase the conversion rates.

An effective eMail marketer can have conversion rates of 10% or more when they work hard to not only create a large and targeted list, but also to manage the list effectively.  With the powerful tools available and some effective strategy eMail marketing can quickly become an amazing marketing tool for virtually any type of business.

What types of things do you do to manage your eMail lists?  What type of conversion rates are you seeing from your most responsive lists?

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