TruLite Industries, LLC announces the launching of their LED grow lights affiliate program. By signing up for the affiliate program, website owners can make 7% of every reffered sale to There is no limit to the amount a website owner can earn through this method.

Affiliate programs are simple ways that webmasters can earn money through their own site by promoting the products of another company. After signing up for the affiliate programs, webmasters are given a special link that is encoded with their affiliate identification. This link is then embeded on various websites and pages that the webmaster owns. When the link is clicked by a visitor, the action is recorded through the affiliate software built into If that visitor makes a purchase within 90 days, the webmaster gets credit for the sale which, in this case, is 7%.

This type of program is popular with gardening and hydroponics website owners as well as those who run larger forums where indoor growing and gardening is spoken about.

Individuals with no website can also sign up for the program. Instead of earning cash, these users will earn credit with which they could purchase lights from TruLite LED. This type of promotional method is great for those that have friends or family that may be interested in TruLite’s products. This person would still get a special affiliate link that can be sent out to friends and family and they would still be credited 7% on their purchases which can be used toward products at

About TruLite Industries, LLC

TruLite Industries, LLC is a technology firm specializing in efficient horticultural products and operates in the business to business and business to consumer markets. TruLite sells directly through it’s website, and through approved distributors and retailers. To browse all available products, including theTLM225 which is specifically engineered for growing flowering medicinal herbs, visit the website. For sales or distribution inquiries, please call 855-254-1213.

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