Good news, despite not wanting to leave, a bunch of publishers were let out of Alcatraz Prison this week. I bet you didn’t know it: that Alcatraz Prison had been renovated specifically to house affiliate marketers and publishers. What did they do wrong? What got them sent to Alcatraz? What got some of the top emailers and publishers in our industry sent to prison?

They made tons of money with AdStation by Adknowledge.

If you were one of the few lucky top publishers and affiliates of Adknowledge, you spent the night at Alcatraz being wined and dined at this uber-exclusive private event held at Alcatraz Prison, now a US National Park. Adknowledge is rumored to have rented the entire prison out fort his event, and brought by boat some of the top people in the industry to be forced to have an amazing good time.

Adknowledge just last week announced that they were having the biggest year on record for emailers and it’s obvious that they are making sure that their huge partners are treated to the best experiences in the industry. With a private tour, the best food and and open bar, this was definitely the next level of how to take care of your publishers. Below are a few great pictures from the event.





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