If you were fortunate enough to be at ad:tech SF this past week, you could not have missed Engage:BDR. I’m not just saying this because they are our sponsor, or because they are an awesome company with amazing technology: but because they know how to have a good time and made the event a lot of fun. Yep, they are the company of amazing ROI-based display advertising and the company of excessive fun that can only come for the mind of Ted Dhanik.

At their booth they had a professional flipbook maker, where anyone could have a book made on the spot of themselves doing about anything they wanted printed. Flip the pages, and there is it: you in action. Crazy of course that in this day and age of technology that we can find this interesting. Still it was a huge, huge crowd gatherer and people were lined up to make their own books. Below is one of mine, that kept my busy during my flight home. Which I then videotaped and put on the internet…

Well, if that wasn’t enough, Engage:BDR made sure to staff their booth with the hottest booth-babe on the planet, Andy Milonakis.


Of course, what Engage:BDR is most known for in our industry is parties. Almost 2,000 people RSVPed to their party, but the space could only fit 500 people, and if you weren’t there, you missed out on a good time. Feel free to look at the entire party via photos by Murray Newlands on Facebook

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