I made my first article to be about networks, I saw  that as vital for an affiliate. It’s who you are working with and who you trust.

It delivered a fair point, don’t look at metrics, look at the end total money in your pocket. Don’t get “too nerd” and lose yourself in the fuzz.

You can’t pay a restaurant bill in conversions and your girlfriend has no idea what are you talking about when you tell her she’s the best EPC you’ve ever seen (I mean it baby).

How to Get The actual Money
What I’m asked the most is: What do you do, What are your verticals, What is your traffic source, What do you test, Where do you get your hosting, What other things do you get rich from, Mentor me you da man, Are you ignoring me.

Below is the answer to pretty much all of your doubts.

1) Starting (New guys)
Ask your network for their best converting offers and a traffic source that they know these offers already work on.
If you have traffic, get testing

2) What to test so you get actual New money.
Every single thing that can impact your visitor’s behavior.
That will be  your ad, your landing page,  the time the tracking in between these two takes to load.
For Mobile add the following to the list: operating system, device type, carrier, connection type, resolution size.

That’s pretty much all you want to care about, everything else you’ll learn it when necessary. You don’t have to test all of the things too, stop until you reach a profitable state, continue if you want more ROI.

Let’s get into the actual details.

Your Ad – It has to attract clicks (high CTR) and create a need for anyone clicking, to get what you claim to have. You have to basically tease them. You would pick the best ads out of a few you made, based on which one has the best ROI (return on investment), not CTR or CVR – but these two combined – ROI. Ctr, Cvr are good only initially for a first look, when weeding out  the obviously bad ads.

Your Landing Page – It should be appealing at first then create trust. It should do so by delivering points that target your visitor’s most important  values in life:

–          Intimate Encounters  – Relationships
–          Money
–          Beauty
–          Services that they use every day such as Insurance for their cars, Loans, Daily Deals.

The integrity behind anything you say has to be out of the question, because it will be questioned before action is taken.

Your goal would be giving people the final, definitive, unquestionable solution to one of their problems listed above – that is simple for them to execute in 5 minutes.

They need to be absolutely hooked, sold.

Sounds a lot like a “crack” game, but most people are more addicted to their desires than most of the drug abusers I’d know (if I was to ever know such people) – It’s built into our genetics.

Your Tracking –  It has to allow you to track everything technically, it would be the popular CPVLab, Prosper202 or ImobiTrax. I think MrGreen.am has a plug-in for Prosper202 (to add mobile capabilities).

Testing Methodology

This is important.

Your testing and ways of work cannot be all over the place, you will have to keep your creative mind grounded to reality and test what you can actually keep track of at one time. Make two landing pages and don’t touch them after, just place them in rotation.

Focus on ads, run 4-5 ad copies entirely different while you rotate these two LPs. Pick the best ad. While you test ads, if one LP is completely trash remove it, don’t lose money that you don’t need to.

Take your winning ad and winning LP. Now focus on your LP.

What makes a Kickass LP a Kickass LP

I had advertisers behind very known offers tell me I have the absolute highest quality (low low complaints) they have ever seen out of all the affs.

I was very aware of it to say the least because I built my LPs so that I pretty much take a customer by the hand, make them sign up and make them to enjoy his/her’s new stuff and love it (because of the need built).

They’ll never complain – I don’t have to deceive them, I am even able to tell them they will pay a stratosferic ammount without it affecting my EPCs, ask your favourite traffic source’s Account Manager to confirm such statement. Landing Pages are more magic than anything due to all the elements on.

For you to profit stick to your business mindset though, don’t start believing into magic because I’ll bazooka your Harry Potter wand faster than you can say Dumbledore, better believe that, it’s a long name.

So test all the separate elements on your LP as you normally do for everything, then give a complete look at your LP as 1 thing – Not the separate elements.
Your visitors could care less about your H1 tags and your buttons, the feeling of it as whole has to be right and make them take action.

There are lots of services to test elements on pages for a/b testing, can’t mention too many or we’ll have to start getting deals. There are many and they all do the same thing.

You could even just have two separate pages, change just 1 thing, run for enough volume of sign-ups and pick the best page, then move on your next page test with a new element.

When Too much is Too much

I’ll never say too much money is too much, but too much work can be too much. You need to be smart money not blind money.

You need to understand that you will never convince 100% of your visitors, you will never convince a % of your visitors that has one mindset without losing everyone else. It’s reality and I know it crushes what you may have heard before. Even politicians can’t do that and man I wish I had one mentor me (hit a young business man up).

It is statistically impossible to achieve 100% CVR as it is statistically impossible to offer  the highest EPCs on the planet without one guy getting greedy and bringing it back to normal EPC.

So keep your campaigns profitable and learn your traffic.

 My writing style may not be impeccable (I doubt that), the flow of it may be questionable, but what it does is it delivers and that’s my only goal. A percentage of Sales men and Marketers will succeed no matter what, now you might have just got yourself a Big edge on everyone else. Consider this a Marketing and Sales Middleman Bible, share the love with other affiliates or your own affiliates so they can profit.

All material is Copyrighted so if you see it sold or Re-formatted with no credits please hit me up I love lawsuits it’s quick money.

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