A new survey from Blue Kangaroo, a company that notifies consumers of deals and promotions from thousands of brands, gives some fantastic insight into just how consumers feel about the email marketing that they receive on a day to day basis. The survey was comprised of twelve questions, each pertaining to a different aspect of marketing emails. The sample that the survey was conducted with was composed of 1,090 U.S. adults from ages 18 to 64, which covers pretty much all bases meaning that the results of the survey are quite balanced. It seems that people feel a lot better about receiving marketing emails than some may think.

The first question, which to me seems like one of the more important asks, “Generally how interested are you in hearing on the Web about deals related to your shopping interests?” The highest percentage, 35%, said that they were very interested in hearing about deals on the internet. After that, 30% showed high interest, and 27% showed moderate interest. So clearly email marketing is not annoying consumers, as it is a way for them to receive promotional deals, and everyone likes to save money.

The second question dealt with where these marketing emails ended up, and 78% responded with “Mainly to my primary personal email account, displayed alongside my personal emails.” This is good news to email marketers, as this is where people will see and open marketing emails most often.

It is question three that is really important. It asked, “How do you feel about managing the marketing emails coming into your personal inbox each week?” A total of 40% of the respondents said that they enjoyed receiving a lot of marketing emails from some of their favorite brands and deal services. Many people said that email marketing was very soon going to fall far behind things like search and social media. However, the fact that people actually enjoy and, often sign up to receive marketing emails tells me that it will be sticking around. This is even more evident in question five, when over half of the respondents said that the amount of email marketing they receive feels “about right.”

Here are some more of the important insight that can be gained from the survey:

  • 37% said that they spend 10 to 30 minutes viewing marketing emails per week
  • 42% said that they actually open and read most of their marketing emails
  • 48% said that spending time reading these emails is only sometimes worth the effort, while 32% said that it was mostly enjoyable and productive
  • 35% said that the last time they used a deal or coupon received in an email was as recent as within the last week.

According to Blue Kangaroo’s survey, email marketing is still a very prominent source of marketing today, and it is working for both brands and consumers. Any marketing that the consumer enjoys engaging with or that consumers also benefit from is bound to perform quite well, and email marketing is the perfect example.

The full Blue Kangaroo survey can be found here.

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