As you can tell by the absence of leaves on the trees, autumn is coming to an end, and that means that the holidays are just around the corner. With the holiday season comes shoppers, which essentially means it’s a big time of the year for marketers. Just like holiday shoppers, marketers will take all the help they can get this time of year, and Google is lending a hand in that regard. Using the holiday season as their main reason, Google has announced a long list of improvements that they are bringing to AdWords that will help marketers, “get local in time for the holidays and beyond.”

First, here is the list of changes that Google is announcing in their AdWords blog:

  1. Introducing airport targeting: A new way to reach travelers on the go
  2. Location extensions and sitelinks show together
  3. Larger, more useful maps
  4. Better location matching for customers
  5. Online conversion reporting for Location Extensions
  6. Geo-targeting and location extensions available in more countries

Each one of these changes and improvements was made for the sole purpose of easier transmission of local business information to consumers. By allowing marketers who use AdWords to reach consumers at airports while on the go through mobile platforms for example, companies can offer last minute opportunities for things like travel, entertainment, and dining.

One of the more significant improvements is better location matching for customers. Targeted advertising has seen great success in the past, especially with AdWords. Now, with the improvements, holiday marketing will be much more efficient and better targeted.

Although most of these changes are only slight, they are quite significant and will definitely come in handy during the hectic holiday season, as well as afterward. The online conversion reports on Location Extensions are brand new to Google, and with them marketers can get a better idea of how their extensions are affecting their overall conversion rates. Along with these reports, the combination of location extensions and sitelinks will allow for consumers to more easily navigate AdWords advertisements. When interested in something, everything they need to take things a step further will already be presented in front of them, including things like phone numbers, addresses, links to maps and even deals. This will greatly improve the chance of an eventual conversion from consumers, and proof of this will come in the form of the conversion reports for location extensions that Google is now offering.

Google will never stop trying to improve their AdWords network for its marketing customers, and it would come as no surprise if even more improvements were to be made by early next year. Making the holidays easier is something that everyone is looking to do, and in the case of marketers, it seems that Google has offered quite a few helping hands. Google’s idea this year is to help marketers “get local,” and more easily get their ads seen by those who are interested.


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