Another interesting infographic was released today, revealing just how powerful Google has become in the digital marketing realm of the web. The information in the graphic comes from WordStream, a search marketing software provider. It tells us that Google is currently making more than $100 million with search advertising each and every day. As we have all known for some time, Google truly is the name in search advertising, despite Bing’s constant claims at consumer preference. Google has been successfully running search advertising for some time now, and they are now reaching records that are chart shattering. What better way to display these record highs to the world than in an infographic?

The infographic from WordStream displays the “Key Google Advertising Metrics for Q3,” starting with how Google is making this much each day. The company receives 5.6 billion ad impressions per day on their search ads and 24.2 billion from their Display Ad Network.

The top of the infographic is broken down in that way, between search ads and the Display Ad Network. In Q3 of this year, Google’s search ads received 193.2 million clicks daily, while their Display Ad Network ads received a daily average of 44.7 million clicks. As for conversions per day, the company’s search ads received 10.9 million conversions per day and the Display Ad Network received 2.1 million conversions.

As for the verticals that can be credited with these clicks, impressions and conversions, the infographic lists them in order of impact, describing the impact each has had. Here is the list, in order of highest contribution.

  1. Finance
  2. Travel
  3. Shopping
  4. Jobs and Education
  5. Internet and Telecom
  6. Computers and Electronics
  7. Business and Industrial
  8. Home and Garden
  9. Autos and Vehicles
  10. Beauty and Fitness

In finance, Google search had 617 million ad impressions daily, and the Display Ad Network had 5.32 billion. The click through rate for Google search ads regarding finance was 3.67% while it was only at .10% for the Display Ad Network. What is really interesting is that Google’s search ads accounted for 1.39 million completed sales per day, which is the most out of any industry. Google’s top industry was finance for a reason, as companies like State Farm, Geico, Quicken Loans, Capital One, and Bank of America rely heavily on the company’s advertising services. These companies are the top 5 advertisers in finance with Google.

The rest of the industries listed present astounding numbers as well, as you can see upon viewing the infographic yourself. Google’s numbers have always been high, but the fact that they continue to crawl upward steadily is what struck me. Google is taking over digital advertising as we know it, even though their social media platform was not quite as successful as they hoped. For a closer look at Google’s astonishing numbers from Q3 2012, take a look at the infographic and look closely at the results from each industry.

The infographic can be found here.

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