There is a lot of talk in our industry about who is making the most money, who is the biggest “baller” and other crap like that. Let’s put this in perspective: most of the people, most of the affiliates are just trying to make living, not trying to buy their newest Bentley. I’ve been fortunate that over the last 15 years I’ve made tens of millions personally in the industry, and my companies have made hundreds of millions.

However, we need to have a lot of respect fort he “little guys” in our industry, those who are being innovative, trying new things, helping to grow the industry.

What’s even more interesting is where these guys are coming from: India, Pakistan, Mexico and many other countries. These guys may not be making millions, or even tens of thousands, but the income they do make, can make a huge difference in their life in those countries. It allows them to buy a house, get a car, send their kids to school and even help their community. I talk to some of these guys daily, and their stories are amazing.

Here’s an inspirational video of Mani Love, a 4’5 basketball player who can do stuff that most of us can’t even imagine. If he can do this, anyone can make it in performance and affiliate marketing with hard work and determination.

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