Adventures in Email Marketing: Database Management

When it comes to managing your e-mail lists, do you find that you spend more time fighting with an outdated spreadsheet or clunky database than you spend on other areas of your business? Are mass e-mail blasts your main method of connecting with customers? Is your attrition rate creeping upward? Do you cross your fingers every time you click Send, hoping you’ll reel in a new customer this time? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it might be time to change how you manage your database.

Successful affiliate marketers, and by this I mean those who are generating impressive revenue numbers, appreciate how much hard work goes into building and maintaining their e-mail contacts. They understand how essential managing this data is to maximizing their ROI, increasing customer loyalty, boosting sales conversions, and more efficiently tracking those sales. How do they manage thousands of e-mail addresses and still handle every other aspect of the business successfully? They outsource the management of their database.

Yes, outsourcing can be a scary thing. But, with a little research and a little trust, it can also be just what you need to get the green flowing, and isn’t one of your main goals? As with anything, you get what you pay for. When researching companies that offer database management services, ask about how the company handles compliance and privacy issues as well as anti-spam laws. Look into what types of data analysis the company uses, and the strategies it has for preventing attrition.  For example, Adknowledge offers the List Management product, which encrypts e-mail IDs and provides an effective mailing platform, targeting technology, creative templates, response-based targeting, and an impressive network of advertisers. And by the way, publishers running Adknowledge’s  List Management product earn the very highest eCPMs of its publishers.

Any database management company you choose should be able to extract customer data and sort it by whatever specific criteria your heart desires, with the goal of providing you with information that will help you hit your target audience. It should also have deliverability experts and dedicated account managers readily available to answer your questions and offer guidance. The end results should be higher yields, increased revenue, and more time for you to manage the other aspects of your business.

The key to a thriving e-mail marketing campaign is effective database management. If your database isn’t well managed, you could be losing out on the benefits this marketing technique offers, which means you could be losing out on money. Perhaps it’s time to let someone else drive your database.

Lance Hemenway
Lance Hemenway is an Internet Veteran, Industry Insider and Mutant working at Adknowledge.

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