What are The Best Times for Online Video Marketing?


When marketing online through the use of video advertising, it is easy to see that digital video marketing does not have as great an opportunity to reach viewers as would television ads. Though digital television companies like Netflix and Hulu have been constantly growing rapidly lately, they still do not account for the majority of video media consumption. Even though it is true that television still sits on top, the potential for digital video advertising is still huge. It’s important, however, to know just when, where, and how to place video ads so that they will get optimal performance on the web with video media consumers.

In an article, eMarketer reports findings from their research of studies by companies like comScore, Nielsen, and VideoHub, and these findings show that the average US Media user spend 4 hours and 47 minutes watching TV versus 10 minutes of online and mobile video.

In a pie chart based off of information from comScore, eMarketer shows that within the entire time consumers spend viewing digital video media, only 1.5% of it is spent viewing video ads. For television, however, 7.9% of the viewing time is spent viewing ads. It’s because of data like this that VideoHub decided that they should research the most effective ways of online video marketing.

By figuring out the times of the day that people were more likely to be reached through digital video advertising, VideoHub tells marketers when they should expect the best performance on video ads. The research showed that between 11am and 6pm were the best times to reach consumers through digital video advertising. However, the times of day that the most ad completions took place were between 9pm and 1am, when people are watching longer forms of digital video media.

To further analyze the best times for video marketing, eMarketer wrote;

Just as time of day affects digital video ad completion rate, day of week affects audience reach. For those digital video marketers hoping to maximize audience reach, Friday through Sunday could prove the best days to do so. Though both online and mobile video ads followed relatively similar daily reach patterns, mobile video ads saw a slightly greater percentage of total audience reach on the weekend, with Saturday (15.5%) slightly edging out Sunday (15.3%). Even still, the overall reach for both mobile and online video ads was relatively distributed across all seven days, painting a picture of consistency by digital video viewers.

So, even though digital video marketing may not be quite as easy as television marketing, it could potentially be more effective. All it takes is the right time of the right day, and a digital video ad can show very impressive results. eMarketer released this information to show that Primetime TV hours are not only good for television advertising, but they are also becoming the best times to advertise with digital video, showing that digital internet television and actual television aren’t that far apart after all.

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