Twitter to Beat Facebook in Mobile Revenue


The two names that most people find are synonymous with social networking are Twitter and Facebook, and with good reason. They both have enormous user bases, and they have both been the main focus of those interested in social media marketing in recent months. During their time of fame, they have not been incredibly competitive with one another, but rather they have generally coexisted. However, no matter how hard two companies try to remain civil, there will always be one that has better numbers than the other. eMarketer has released their projections regarding which of the two companies will take the top spot in mobile marketing revenue for the remainder of this year.

The popular marketing insight and forecasting company puts their faith in Twitter for the rest of 2012. Here is their exact prediction:

Twitter will earn $129.7 million in mobile advertising revenues this year in the US, eMarketer projects. Facebook, which rolled out mobile ads for the first time this year, will come in at just over half that amount, at $72.7 million in the US.

The data shows, though, that both networks are growing in ad revenue. eMarketer attributes this growing revenue success to the respective mobile ad platforms for each company. Out of all mobile advertising platforms, the company has placed Google at over half of the total revenue for the period of 2011 to 2014. Their reason for Twitter being ahead of Facebook is that Facebook’s mobile ad campaign is still young. They still have high hopes for Facebook, though, stating:

Still, mobile is a long-term play for Facebook, and by next year, eMarketer expects the social networking giant to beat out Twitter by a significant margin, taking in $387 million on mobile in the US. By 2014, Facebook’s US mobile revenues will reach $629.4 million, compared to $444.1 million at Twitter—making Facebook the second-highest mobile ad earner of all companies after Google, which has a significant lead.

So, as of right now, it is expected that Twitter will prevail in mobile marketing revenue for the remainder of 2012. eMarketer sees Facebook making a significant comeback once their mobile marketing platform gets more up to speed with Twitter, since Facebook has gotten very decent results with their marketing efforts in the past. For now, Facebook will continue to be behind Twitter, Google, and even Apple’s iAd platform in  mobile ad revenue, but there will be a full recovery in the future.

The results that eMarketer came to were based off of information from all over the web. After reading analysis reports and reported total revenues of the many ad platforms, they came to their results.

eMarketer’s estimate for overall US mobile advertising spending in 2012 is unchanged from the previous forecast. This is eMarketer’s first forecast for mobile advertising revenue at Twitter, Facebook and Pandora.

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