Today, I stumbled across some pretty interesting news regarding a mobile company that is developing quite an interesting marketing technique that will get their name passed all over the social media realm for nearly nothing. The company, Solavei, has in the works a brand new mobile network that will allow users to earn income while using it. Based on social sharing and sign ups, the users will be able to pay off their monthly cell phone bills and possibly even make a bit of money for themselves. This way, both Solavei and their customers can benefit from the company’s marketing efforts.

It is pretty much the classic affiliate pyramid program that has worked quite successfully in the past. So, basically, you sign up, tell three of your friends to get paid and those friends tell their three friends, and so on and so forth. This is a method that can be seen all over the place. What makes Solavei’s new mobile network quite unique are the methods that users will use to make their newfound income. The company will rely entirely on word of mouth marketing from its users. With social media being the world’s most efficient method for word-of-mouth advertising these days, Solavei will essentially be running a completely free and very successful social media campaign.

Using the new network is pretty simple. On their website, they lay out the steps for getting started and the list is not very lengthy.

  1. Select your device and plan.
  2. Sign up for Solavei Phone Service
  3. Connect with other Solavei members.
  4. Share Solavei with your communities.
  5. Earn money.
  6. Get paid on your Solavei debit card.

Here is their exact quote from their website explaining what makes them different from a traditional mobile phone service.

We think a person’s voice is the most powerful form of marketing, so that’s what we want to invest in. While other companies spend billions on traditional marketing, we reward you for sharing Solavei with your connections.

They are probably right, considering some of the things I have read about and written about. Most signs point to the fact that word-of-mouth is still the marketing outlet that people tend to trust the most. By embracing that fact right off the bat, Solavei will see success. Sure it is risky to rely entirely on the social sharing and word of mouth of users without a backup marketing campaign, but with the complete trust that people put in reviews and social media activity these days, the risk is not enormous. Here is how they came up with the idea, and how they believe it will be a success.

We began with a simple idea: A single relationship has the power to make life better for many people. We took this idea and turned it into a company that can make commerce less expensive and even profitable for everyone. We started with mobile phone service because it’s something all of us already use and it’s the technology connecting us every day.

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