New International Cost Per Download Game Network Launched


Ad4Game, already one of the biggest gaming performance advertising network has jut announced the launch of its new offer-based network. Until recently the network was  only paying on a CPM and charging clients on a performance basis, but with their growing market share they felt it was time to offer all of the gaming offers on a CPA.

They have developed their own technology to track it, focused completely on the download and signup of users on games.  According them, “All our gaming CPA offers simply require the visitor to fill in a simple signup form and confirm their email! Absolutely nothing else. There are no tricks, no surveys, no credit cards needed.”

One of the best parts of the network that it has offers from virtually hundreds of countries around the world, allowing people to promote to countries in which media would be almost free.  Additionally, they offer creative and landing pages in multiple languages.

You can sign up at

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