New 3D and Rich Media Mobile Ad Platform from Amobee


It seems the new platforms and opportunities in mobile advertising are spewing out from all over in a constant flow. Day after day, there is something new happening in the mobile marketing community and it is hard to keep up with it all. There are always those smaller bits of news that one might miss, but that might also be of crucial importance. Today, one of these smaller stories almost slipped by me, but after finding out a bit more, I realized it could be very valuable to marketing professionals. What I am speaking of is the announcement made by Amobee, a leading mobile advertising firm, that they have released a new mobile ad creation platform for use by marketers.

The new ad creation platform is called PULSE Create, and it will allow mobile advertisers to take matters into their own hands. Here is the description from their announcement:

[a•mo•bee] PULSE Create will be made available to all advertisers and agencies, giving them exclusive access to PULSE 3D and PULSE Rich Media technology. Rich media ads generated by PULSE Create will be MRAID compliant, and can therefore run on any large network. 3D and rich media mobile ads result in increased time spent in-ad, and better results. Since PULSE Create is fully integrated into [a•mo•bee]’s PULSE for Publishers platform, publishers can now demonstrate the added value of their inventory when advertisers choose to reach consumers with 3D and rich media mobile ad campaigns.

Amobee has been a top mobile advertising firm for a long time, claiming to be a company that is “defining mobile advertising.” With their new PULSE Create, they will be continuing growth in opportunity for mobile advertising.

Trevor Healy, CEO at Amobee states;

“[a•mo•bee] continues to push the envelope and offers the best-of-breed mobile advertising platform. 3D is a game changer in mobile advertising. 3D ads engage mobile users and deliver results in ways never seen before. By tightly integrating PULSE Create into our PULSE for Publisher platform, we can now demonstrate how much more effective 3D ads are, and deliver unprecedented results.”

The company is confident that mobile advertisers will gain a lot of opportunity from their new platform, and I have to agree with their reasoning. 3D ads will be nearly impossible for consumers to miss, and they will keep them intrigued. The basis of all marketing is grabbing attention, and PULSE Create will allow marketers to do just that.

There are those arguing that with so many new mobile advertising prospects being revealed all around the same time, this platform will just sit on the shelf amongst all the others. However, Amobee is offering a platform that is quite unique from the other mobile marketing opportunities that have been revealed recently. On their website, Amobee offers and overview of 3D ads, as well as a complete overview of PULSE Create. Opinions will always sway to and fro, but I see success coming with the new platform in the near future.


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