Infographic: A World of Multi-Screen Consumers


Digital marketing is the way of the world today, and an important part of it is knowing what’s what in cross-platform marketing. Google’s mobile advertising blog has released information from a new study called, “The New Multiscreen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior.” The research shows all of the facts that marketers need to know about how consumers behave on multiple screens, which is very helpful in trying to market across many digital platforms. It also shows how big of a hit television marketing has taken due to the new digital world that we live in, and how much importance lies within digital marketing over it.

In the blog post, Google writes,

In “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” we discovered that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV. We set out to learn not just how much of our media consumption happens on screens, but also how we use these multiple devices together, and what that means for the way that businesses connect with consumers.

The infographic also shows us that 90% of media interaction is screen based. There is very little room left for anything that is not digital to be effective. Digital marketing has clearly taken over, as consumers have settled into a new digital society.

Even television has been taken over by digital platforms. The infographic shows that 77% of television viewers use other devices to do so. Nearly half of these digital television viewers watch their favorite programs on smartphones, while 34% use PC or laptops. Online television seems to be growing rapidly, which makes it possible that normal television viewing will soon be far less common than it is today. This, once again, shows that the performance and marketing potential of digital platforms are far superior to any other today.

To further prove the point, Google’s infographic shows how consumers are shopping these days. With a good amount of today’s shopping happening online, 67% of digital shoppers used multiple screens in sequence to shop. Smartphones receive most of the credit for allowing shoppers to make quick shopping decisions, as Google found that 19% of shopping on smartphones was planned, and 81% was spontaneous, due to the increased accessibility one gets from mobile platforms. Shopping sites that have been optimized for mobile devices have made it much easier to shop from a handheld device than it was when smartphones first made their debut.

The point of the infographic was to show how consumers are behaving based on cross-platform research. What it really shows us, though, is how much marketing potential digital platforms really have, especially if this marketing is spanned over multiple screens. If performance marketing is a main priority, then advertising on a digital platform is the best bet. This infographic simply marks another step toward the fall of other marketing platforms to the might of digital marketing.

Infographic can be found here.

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