Email Marketers: Competitors Adding Spam Traps?


Seems that there is a growing issue with more and more people being victim of Spam Traps, specific emails created or added by people in order to try to “catch” email marketers. Sometimes its attorneys looking for a quick way to make money, sometimes its actually a competitor trying to hurt another company. For whatever reason, email marketers are having trouble keeping these people off their lists. If you are to believe the rumors by his detractors, even Dan Balsam, famed spam-attorney ads himself to lists in order to make money.

On that note, I would like to introduce you to James Carner with Quickie Marketing, Inc.  They have an advanced list hygiene system that allows anyone to scrub files by themselves 24/7.  They are “the” private investigator of spam advisories and for the last year, James has collected more than 1 million spam advisory IP’s of blackhole/blacklist threats worldwide that he uses to block.  In example, so far in their investigation they found 665 spamhaus IPs and growing weekly.

One unique thing about Quickie is that they have published their advisory findings online: in which one can get detailed information about each advisory and a domain to block.

Another unique thing about Quickie is they actually report the traps they find by giving you the trap and naming it.  In example, you would get a csv list of traps that looks like this:, spamhaus, barracuda

Their Standard Scrub matches and removes:

Against 6.5 mm HAMY traps & litigators
Against 60 mm protestors
Against 100 mm hard bounces
Against 1 mm spam advisory IPs
Checks mx records for a domain
Verifies Reverse DNS
Performs open relay checks
Judges response time performance
Validates working website
Is parked or sends us other warnings

Keep an eye on these guys.  I heard a rumor that they recently hired a CEO and are making some big changes which will turn a lot of heads.  I spoke to James and he says they have around 60 clients paying them on a monthly subscription and their prices compete directly against their competition with $250 per million with no contracts.  Here’s their brochure if you’re interested.

Email them at:
Or call Todd McQuillin (sales) directly for details:  541-480-6301

As a note, this is NOT a paid endorsement or advertisement.

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