AdWords Starts Shared Budgets? Will this Waste Your Money?


It’s obvious that Google AdWords is one of the more popular marketing platforms used by marketers of many different types. With all these marketers come thousands of budgets ranging from very high to very low. Combine these numerous budgets with the multiple advertising campaigns that each marketer may be running with AdWords, and you get quite a jumble of data and finances to deal with. In order to create a bit more organization in their advertising platform, as well as to provide advertisers a much easier and clearer way to allot their money to different campaigns. Google’s new feature will ultimately improve the way ad spend is managed and probably lead to more ad spending overall.

From the AdWords blog;

Shared budgets is a new feature that lets you establish a single daily budget that’s shared by multiple campaigns in an AdWords account. Shared budgets can make it easier to match your AdWords spending with how your business allocates marketing budget. And they can save you time and improve your AdWords results.

Also in their blog post, Google provides an example that explains just how Shared Budgets work. If you are using Adwords for multiple campaigns such as desktop and mobile, you used to have to figure out for yourself how to wisely allocate certain chunks of your daily budget to each, depending on how you believe each campaign will perform on that particular day. If your estimations are wrong, and you end up spending less than the allocated amount of the budget for one campaign because that campaign did not perform as well as you had thought it would, you are sort of out of luck. That unused chunk could have been used for your other campaigns that may have been performing better that day. It is a bit confusing to explain, but their example better describes the purpose of their new feature.

With Shared budgets, the unused portion of your budget will automatically be distributed to other campaigns, so that the best performing campaigns on any particular day will receive the parts of the budget that they require. This way, marketers won’t have to keep constant watch on their budgets and separate AdWords marketing campaigns.

This seems to me like a way for Google to make sure that no money goes unused by marketers. It may look like an improvement that was made for AdWords marketers, but it could also be Google’s way of making sure that all of the money that marketers meant to spend on their campaigns is actually spent, maximizing Google’s ad revenue. After reading around the web, I wasn’t the only one who realized this possibility.

Anyway, regardless of Google’s intent, this new feature will help marketers who use AdWords as their main advertising platform and who want to get the best results they can from it. Budgeting for AdWords marketing has just become easier, and more efficient. Advertisers can spend exactly what they meant to spend, and see the results that they may have been missing in the past.

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