Twitter Founders Launching Two New Networks


The words “Twitter” and “Tweet” are almost household words these days. I would not be surprised if “Tweet” landed a spot in a dictionary someday, as it is really more than just a word pertaining to the Twitter network, but it is a word that people use every single day of their lives in today’s digital age. The two people that founded Twitter in the first place, Ev Williams and Biz Stone, are often worshiped by the public for their creation of the new daily essential, much like the way people are always talking about Mark Zuckerberg. With Twitter on their list of accomplishments, these two have had new prospects in mind, and now they will be launching two entirely new websites that could be big names in internet marketing in the future.

Both of these site that the Twitter founders have been working on have similar functionality to that of Twitter, but they are not the same websites whatsoever. The names of the sites are Medium and Branch and they are both unique from other social websites that exist today, in their own ways.

Branch is a website that is based on the idea of allowing Twitter conversations to surpass 140 characters, which is quite a low limit for many of its users. The Twitter founders came up with the idea as they wanted to allow users to interact with one another in a more fluent way, rather than with countless tags. ClickThrough Marketing, a search conversion news site, reported that the head of product at Branch, Josh Miller, stated;

Between articles, blog posts, and tweets, the Internet is dominated by monologues. So we want to build a home for dialogues online, by combining the intimacy of a dinner table conversation with the power of the Internet.

The other site they have conjured from their social media expertise is Medium, a site that is similar to Pinterest, but has a twist to it. Medium will allow users to collect text, photos, drawings, and other artwork and vote on these pieces. The pieces that receive the most votes will appear highest to the community of users. Voting on items that they find on the network will allow users to interact much more with the network.

Clickthrough Marketing reported Ev Williams as stating;

 Medium is designed to allow people to choose the level of contribution they prefer. We know that most people, most of the time, will simply read and view content, which is fine. If they choose, they can click to indicate whether they think something is good, giving feedback to the creator and increasing the likelihood others will see it.

Twitter has already had its own substantial impact in the internet marketing world, so it can be expected that two new networks created by the same people will serve a role for internet advertisers as well. The two founders have experience with managing advertising through Twitter, so these new networks will definitely offer something to the internet marketing community, and we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what that is.

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