Topsy Releases a New Way to Measure Twitter Performance


Twitter gives marketers the opportunity to utilize a constant stream of social media content to plan out a successful marketing strategy to put in place on the network. Now, with the amount of Tweets that are constantly flowing through the stream of Twitter, it can be quite difficult to track progress and performance on advertisements that are placed on the network. That is why companies like Topsy, a relatively well known search engine, are creating better ways to analyze Tweets, knowing the importance of results that marketers receive from them. Topsy has now released what they call Pro Analytics, allowing marketers to analyze Tweets in the billions that were published over several years’ time.

Topsy released a basic analytics system in 2011, but their newest offering differs from the old in many ways. The company has acquired certain licenses that allow it to analyze any and all Tweets on Twitter, as opposed to certain tracked keywords and phrases. There are a few options for marketers to break down Twitter data by way of entering in a query, and they include the dashboard, activity, discovery, top results, geolocation, exposure, and sentiment, all of which are needed for marketers to get proper performance results on their Twitter campaigns.

In an article by MarketingLand writer Greg Finn, he reports the functionality and improvements made to Topsy’s analytics feature. Each of the aforementioned options have significant benefits for marketers. Finn describes the dashboard as an option that, “allows users to see the big picture on search terms including mentions, top posts, top links and top media.” It brings together all of the results that the analytics system picks up and puts them in one place. As for the Activity screen, it allows marketers to analyze results on any keyphrase query and further break down results upon clicking certain criteria. The discover screen allows for marketing professionals to analyze the trends and popularity of certain keywords, bringing up the top related Tweets upon entering a search keyword.

The top trends tab is one that most marketers will find particular interest in. This is the screen that really allows users to see the most popular trends on Twitter and get a sense of what people are talking about. It gives good insight into what has been getting peoples’ attention, allowing you to track trends back to over two years in the past. Marketers can see what’s being shared most, mentioned most, or simply talked about most, broken down into links, posts, photos, and videos.

While the Geography tab only covers the 1% of people on Twitter that share location, the Exposure tab allows marketers to see how many people are viewing certain Tweets, essentially allowing for the measurement of performance on Tweet ads. The Sentiment tab is one that will help marketers measure just that, sentiment. It measure positive versus negative mentions, giving marketers indirect consumer feedback.

From Topsy,

Instantly access realtime and multi-year social web data. Detect and follow breaking news. Analyze your own or your competitors’ campaigns and web-sites. Correlate social web activity with real-world data to accurately predict outcomes.

Topsy’s Pro Analytics can do more in the line of Twitter analyzation than most other softwares available can, allowing marketers to measure Twitter results more accurately than they ever could. Topsy details their new system in their overview of Pro Analytics, for marketers to better understand how to get started using it.

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