Study: Mobile Marketing Will Triple by 2016


There have been countless studies based on the mobile world we live in today, be they about mobile advertising, mobile device usage, or even just how mobile platforms are being used most. Seldom do any of these reports and studies result in the future of mobile looking badly. Each time we hear of new performance information regarding mobile platforms, it is usually good news and can benefit marketing professionals in one way or another. With that, Yankee Group, a prominent mobile research company, has released their study entitled “Mobile Advertising Forecast: Marketing Steps Through the Looking-Glass.” Their study tells us how mobile advertising has taken its place high atop the pedestal, and the Yankee Group believes that advertising on mobile platforms will triple by the year 2016, meaning that mobile still has a lot of room to grow, believe it or not.

Their predictions include things like;

 Data on context, explosive tablet take-up and smartphone adoption in high-growth markets such as Brazil, India and China underpin the explosion. Investors will reward presence in both advanced and high-growth markets. Revenues will flow to companies that draw on user data to design and deliver mobile advertising.

Yankee Group predicted that mobile will move even further up the list of priorities in high-growth markets, especially in select countries like Brazil, India and China. It is forecasted that mobile will become the dominant platform for digital marketing in many places around the globe. It is hard to see any way that this prediction could be wrong, as mobile has already grown so much in the past year or two than anyone could have foreseen.

In a highlight from their report, Yankee Group wrote,

Tablets generate six times the advertising revenues of the feature phones that dominated the market five years ago. Tablets are driving fast into the mass market. In 2016 over a quarter of smart mobile devices globally will be tablets.

Tablets have become something of a big deal in the marketing world, as we all know, and there seems to be no way of stopping them. Tablets take mobile advertising to a whole new level than smartphones, as so much more functionality and design can be put into advertising on such a larger, more popular mobile platform. Tablets are already the talk of the mobile marketing world today, so to imagine how performance will be in 2016 is almost unreal.

In a final point, the Yankee Group commented on targeting mobile users.

Mobile advertising’s weak point has been a lack of data on the user. Apps are helping to fill that gap and drive better-targeted ads. Among app downloaders, over 22 percent of smartphone owners and 27 percent of tablet owners clicked on an in-app ad during Q1 2012.

Targeted ads have proven to be a bit more difficult for mobile marketers, but now there are plenty of apps that can help advertisers along in their efforts to reach the desired demographic.

Yankee Group has shed a bit of light on just how far mobile will go in the next few years, and it should give mobile marketers something to look forward to. Mobile marketing has always been expected to dominate the playing field, and Yankee Group has simply provided proof on the matter.

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