SEO for YouTube Equals Traffic


YouTube is more than a video sharing website, it’s also the second most popular search engine in the world. That’s right – millions of people regularly use the YouTube’s search engine to find videos of their choice.

What does this mean to you as an online marketer? It’s pretty simple, if you can optimize your videos to rank well on YouTube you will not only get views to your videos, but visitors that are actually interested in what you’re offering.

A lot of people on YouTube are searching for information in the form of videos. They’re looking for how-to stuff that will help them solve their problems. When you’re using YouTube for your online marketing needs, creating such informative videos and having them ranked well can be a huge plus.

So the question that comes up here is – how do you exactly go about optimizing your YouTube videos? The following article discusses a few simple to apply, workable tips to help you do just that:

Tip #1: Don’t Ignore the Keywords

Regardless of what your video is about, getting it ranked requires you to first take care of the basics. And since people use keywords to search for videos on YouTube, you can’t ignore them.

Your primary keyword needs to go in the title, the description and as well as in the tags. Don’t put this main keyword in the last – put it first before your website’s name.

The YouTube search algorithm is constantly evolving and it takes various factors into consideration. And one such factor is the click-through rate of your video.

This is why you need to write compelling titles for your videos and weave in your keywords naturally in them. Just the way you’d apply copywriting rules when writing blog posts or sales letters, the same goes with your videos.

Tip #2: Build Your YouTube Channel

One of the things that influences your video’s ranking on YouTube is the age of your channel. If your channel is brand new with a few videos and a couple of subscribers, you will have a hard time competing with the big, established guys.

So it makes sense to not waste time when it comes to building your YouTube channel. Start showcasing yourself as an authority.

Go out there and do everything you can to make your channel popular within your niche. Give your audience a reason to subscribe and interact on your channel.

Tip #3: Respond to Comments

YouTube is a social site where people come to not only watch videos, but also interact with other users, discuss, debate, etc. YouTube wants you to encourage comments and one way to do that is to respond to the incoming comments in the first few hours after you hit the publish button for your video.

This is crucial because building comments and growing them early on helps boost the video’s position in search. A very simple step that can help you grow your video rankings over time – so don’t ignore it.

Do you have any SEO tips for YouTube Videos? If yes, then please share them below.

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