Pinterest’s New Apps Will Drive Traffic to the Network


Many advertisers today have been looking into Pinterest and seeing what it may have to offer. It can definitely bring in some good results, especially now since the company is taking steps to increase traffic to the network. Before they recently opened their doors to the public instead of requiring invites for registration, traffic to the network was good, but it was not great. It happened too recently to measure just how much of an impact their decision to make the network public has made on their traffic flow, but they have not stopped there. The people at Pinterest are now taking more interest in their name in the mobile world.

Pinterest already had an app for Apple iOS, but it was not as functional as some of the other apps you would see for other networks. Recently, they realized the limited functionality of their mobile app, and decided that it deserved an upgrade. During a summer party in San Francisco this week, Pinterest announced their Apple iOS app upgrade, but they also announced that they would be spreading to the Google Play Store, and even the Amazon App Store for Kindle users. With these new mobile apps that Pinterest has probably had up their sleeves for a while, the company will be able to grow their traffic further.

According to a number of sources, Pinterest made a right decision by creating separate apps for the iPad and the iPhone. The network’s vast array of visual content and countless “pinned” pieces make for a lot of data for an app to process. With the apps, however, the layout and design allow for a good organization of all these things. In most of the opinions I have read, the new upgrades are much better than the Pinterest app from the past, in numerous ways.

In regard to the Android app, Pinterest writes on their blog;

 Android owners have been very vocal with their requests for an app – every product announcement we’ve recently made has resulted in the question “What about an Android app?” We were listening, and our custom-designed Android app makes it simple and fast to pin, so that the time you spend on Pinterest is as productive as possible. We also made sure the app works well on Android phones and tablets, regardless of your device’s cost, speed or screen size.

So the question is, will these apps ultimately end up bringing in the traffic that Pinterest needs to be a successful platform for the marketing world? Since mobile is growing so rapidly, and people rely on their mobile devices for everything now, more people will definitely be interested in Pinterest now that they can use it where they feel most comfortable. If Pinterest’s traffic grows at the rate that they are hoping it will, then the network will end up being quite a reliable marketing platform. The way Pinterest works is unlike any other network, allowing marketers a new and unique form of advertisement that feels organic but still gets the job done.

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