Pinterest Not Really a Success?


When I first checked out Pinterest and did some reading on how it could become a hot commodity in internet marketing, I was reasonably convinced that advertising on the network would become comparatively popular. I originally thought that it may have been one of the more exciting networks for advertisers to use, giving them an entirely new way to market their businesses. Now, I am starting to doubt my previous opinions a bit, as The Creative Group has just released a small bit of data that may prove my opinions to be on false terms. Pinterest has not become the universally used marketing resource that I thought it would be.

The Creative Group is a website based on finding people work in the advertising and marketing community, as designers or marketing professionals. Just recently, they performed a study based on marketing interest in the network. What made me doubt my previous thoughts on Pinterest’s marketing potential was the result showing that 44% of advertising executives have no interest in ever using Pinterest for their advertising needs. If nearly half of the surveyed marketing professionals are not even close to excited about Pinterest, then what value can it really have at all?

What was even more confusing was finding out that 18% of marketing executives that were surveyed had never even heard of Pinterest or were not aware of what the network was all about. That is quite a blow to my thoughts on Pinterest’s marketing popularity. In total, that is 62% of those asked about their interest in Pinterest stating that they have never even given the network a chance. With those kind of numbers, how can anyone see a possible bright future for Pinterest when it comes to marketing potential? Well, there are still the other 38% of marketing professionals that were surveyed.

A total of 17% stated that the network has caught their eye, but they still are not sure whether to utilize it or not. 10% said that the network has gotten their attention, and they do in fact plan to use the network in the future for business and marketing purposes. Of the remaining 11%, only 7% said that they loved the network and were already using it to help their businesses. The other 4% did not have responses. So, although the majority of respondents are not in favor of Pinterest, there are still small cracks that are shining a bit of light on it.

When taking into consideration that the network is still fairly young, especially in the advertising and marketing community, one can see that these numbers are bound to change. Who knows what that 18% of oblivious respondents will think when they find out about the network? Plus, as the network continues to grow, so will marketers’ interest in it. Pinterest has been taking all the right steps lately to make it a more suitable source for advertisers, so we will possibly see a shift in the other direction in regard to The Creative Group’s numbers. After all, just because a lot of people are not interested, does that mean that everyone has to follow suit?

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