Mobile Traffic to Double by 2013


Mobile marketing may be very popular right now, but it still has even more room to grow. According to BuzzCity, a renowned mobile internet marketing firm, mobile is expected to  double in traffic by the end of 2012. More and more people are using mobile platforms today, which of course means that most advertisers have made the switch. Traffic levels on mobile platforms often exceeds those of desktop platforms greatly, as mobile is the new way of using the web. BuzzCity does a quarterly report on the growth of mobile marketing worldwide and for this quarter they saw some pretty outstanding results.

The mobile marketing company’s global ad network saw three-quarters of the yearly traffic from 2011 in the first half of this year alone. The significant boost in traffic from last year caused the company to predict a doubling in traffic worldwide by the end of this year, as people continue to embrace mobile marketing tactics.

BuzzCity also did a measuring of the most popular markets based on usage for smartphones in the world. The top markets include Saudi Arabia (94%), the United Kingdom (90%), Spain (88%), China (87%), and Singapore (80%). The market has been continually increasing worldwide since last year, and the United States isn’t even in the top five markets for smartphones. It seems that Android has been the leader, as BuzzCity writes, “The growth of iOS has slowed in emerging markets. Price is likely a factor.”

In overall mobile marketing growth, however, the top markets are a bit different. BuzzCity ranked these markets by ad banners served within the quarter, and topping the list is India, with over 14 billion banners served, followed by Indonesia with over 6 billion banners served, and then the United States with over 2 billion banners served. These three markets have remained in the same spots in the top three since Q1, although the United States’ mobile marketing growth is down 9% since the first quarter of 2012. This is probably due to a higher focus on social media in the United States recently, as people are focusing their attention on the amount of traffic that social networks ring in. BuzzCity continues on to explain that, “Mobile is the next move as brands recognize that mobile channels must become a significant part of their overall marketing mix.” Mobile marketing continues to grow because mobile platforms are still growing and smartphones have not exactly become mainstream over the globe. There are still markets that are brand new to mobile marketing.

The key idea that BuzzCity has presented is their forecast for a doubling of mobile marketing traffic by the end of the year. All of the aforementioned statistics will factor into the growth of mobile platforms, marketing and traffic. As mobile continues to grow, its marketing will as well. Mobile marketing still has a ways to go before it can be considered mainstream, and until then we will continue to see constant worldwide growth.

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