Mobile Conversions Are Up As Well


For a long time now, InMobi has proven to be a great source for anything new in the way of mobile advertising and the performance of mobile advertising. With no surprise to me, the mobile marketing research company has now released some more information that is great insight for any digital marketing professional. Their new study found that media consumption has become more popular on mobile than any other platform. Now, I wrote about this study about a week ago, but there were a few points that strike an entirely different topic, and that is how many mobile media consumer actually end up converting in the end.

We know that media consumption is very important to marketing, and that mobile platforms have been leading the way so far in 2012. The results of the study show that conversions on mobile devices are up quite significantly as well. In a study based on 1,000 mobile users in the United States, 59% of those studied made a mobile commerce transaction within a period of six months. When compared to the result of 38% in the six months prior, it seems that mobile commerce rates are rapidly increasing.

Anne Frisbie, the VP of InMobi in the United States said,

I’m struck at just how rapidly consumers are becoming comfortable making direct purchases on mobile devices. Think back to the late ’90s—it took forever to get the majority of consumers comfortable buying on the Internet. In six months we saw more than a 40% change.

Of the purchases made on mobile devices, 46% were in the category of mobile content such as apps and music, described in my article from days ago. However, in addition to mobile content’s boost, over 25% of mobile users were willing to buy products upwards of 50 dollars on mobile platforms. People have started trusting mobile devices so much with their daily activities that they are now willing to buy actual physical, expensive goods by way of a device they hold in their hands. This boost in mobile commerce should give mobile marketers a sense of excitement, now knowing that people have started really buying goods on mobile devices, the place where they see the ads in the first place. As mobile marketing increases in popularity, so has the popularity of acting upon advertisements directly when they are seen on mobile devices.

This boost in mobile commerce relates directly to the boost in mobile content sales. Mobile marketers most often advertise within mobile content apps, and from those advertisements, mobile users are upping conversion rates. InMobi will continue to fill us in on how mobile platforms are growing further and further in the world of digital marketing, and marketers should continue to look out for numbers that show them they are making the right decision by going mobile.

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