Media Buyers Alert: SiteScout Fully Integrated with Google Exchange


Seems that SiteScout has been fully integrated into Google Ad Exchange, which is obviously one of the top sources for media opportunities. This should make a lot of media buyers happy with access to over 7,000 premium sites. According to SiteScout:

Google has some of the highest-quality inventory available, and we strongly recommend testing your campaigns across these new sites. Google Ad Exchange will also have a dramatic impact on the reach of your retargeting campaigns, so be sure to re-test these as well.

This launch also gives us access to a huge amount of Google’s “hidden” inventory, on request; so, if you need more traffic from Australia, UK or wherever, let us know and we will make it available for you. For example, we’ve added almost 300 new sites from Brazil to the system as per a request from a user. Just reach out to your account manager, or reply to this email with details of what kind of inventory you need.

(TIP: To filter only Google sites in the Sites tab, enter “8-” into the filter field.)

To explore these new sites, you can now sign in to SiteScout directly from our homepage. Look for the sign in form in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Wonder how Real-Time Bidding Works? Here’s an informative quickie from SiteScout


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