LeadCola Hacked, Accused of Scrub and Bribing AffPaying


You have to have wondered what happened with LeadCola this week, when hundreds of publishers received emails sending them to the infamous “GoogleHammer” dick-rolling site, exclaiming that it was a great new offer. After their logins were posted publicly by perhaps a former disgruntled employee, several mass emails were sent out by their systems that included content from the pornographic to the plain silly.

It seems that LeadCola was not having a good week already, thanks to “Hack, the Son of Zeus” an infamous WickedFire moderator with what seems to be insane powers that allow him to out networks left and right.

According to .Hack, who was nice enough to email me information, not only is LeadCola engaged in epic scrubbing, as per his original post on Wickedfire but has been involved in less than ethical business practices.  He claims that during a flight out to Canada to be a consultant for the company, he witnessed behavior that he called “shady shit” and has provided this screenshot to prove that they scrub 35% by default.

On top of all this unfortunate news for LeadCola, is an accusation that AffPaying, the affiliate review site, has been accepting bribes from LeadCola and other networks to hide bad reviews for networks. According to him, “AffPaying is definitely rigged. I’ve seen many fake reviews and networks that have had 2.2 stars with 27 negative reviews (Leadcola) go to 4.06 stars and 5 negative reviews.”

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