Huge Facebook Advertising Fails


It’s easy to think that since Facebook is a giant social network with millions of Facebookers, placing ads there will bring you lots of quality traffic. But when things don’t work out as planned, advertisers and business owners are stumped as to why their Facebook ads aren’t working.  Well, there are a few reasons why this could be happening. See below for common Facebook advertising mistakes that convert to “fails”.

No Call to Action

When writing an ad, it is helpful to have a call to action. If not, then your ad is simply a piece of information, come call this branding. You need to make customers take action after seeing your ad, whether it’s to call, visit or sign-up. On Facebook, you’re only given limited number of characters to create your ad, so many marketers leave out important details. Don’t make the same mistake; make every word of your ad count!

Customers See no Value

When potential customers view your ad, by the time they finish reading; do they know how what you’re offering can benefit them? If not, then you have failed to add value to your ad. A lot of Facebook ads fail at adding value. Simply asking someone to like your page, click your link or buy your eBook isn’t going to cut it. Try to express why they should – for instance to “lose weight”, “make money”, “learn how to retire young” or “start your own business”. Simple phrases like this tell customers what they can expect by clicking on your ad and cause an emotional reaction.

Not Testing Ad Campaigns

Simply placing ads without keeping an eye on the results is a sure way to fail in Internet advertising. The same goes for Facebook ads. Make sure that your ads are getting clicked on and conversions are being made. If you’re not getting more page likes, product buys or Web traffic, then your ad isn’t doing its job. Run an A/B campaign on Facebook to see which ads perform better.

Ads Lead Customers Away from Facebook

When people are browsing through Facebook, they don’t want to be taken away from the site once they click on an ad. This usually turns people off and they leave right away. Some advertisers see a lot of drop-off rates because of this.  Instead of transferring them over to an external web site, take them to a Facebook page for your product, service or business. There is a way that you can create a special landing page on Facebook, so learn about that, so that you can try to get conversions and calls to action without customers having to leave Facebook.

Facebook can be a very profitable way to get more followers and increase conversion. Don’t make these above common mistakes and maybe you will see better success with Facebook advertising and won’t be a part of my next Facebook Fail post.
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