Facebook Throws A Huge Ad-Bone


There are many people that still are not to pleased or impressed with Facebook’s advertising efforts. Since they recently announced more mobile options, however, far more advertisers are starting to be intrigued with the way Facebook’s advertising will work with iOS and Android. So far, things have been going quite well for Facebook’s mobile endeavors. Now, things may be improving further, at least for app developers, as Facebook has just announced a few new options in application advertisement. One option pertains to mobile advertisement of apps, and the other new announcement is in regards to subscription to apps. The improvements will ultimately increase business for app developers both on and off of Facebook’s network.

Yesterday, Facebook announced on their developer’s blog that they had developed a new way for app developers to advertise on mobile platforms. Although it’s still in its beta testing stage, the mobile app advertising function promises to improve business with both iOS and Android developers. When a person clicks on one of these advertisements, if they haven’t installed the advertised app already, they are brought directly to Google Play or the Apple App Store. Setting up your advertisements is made easy as well. In Facebook’s App Dashboard, app developers simply choose their app and the audience they are targeting. After that, they can set a budget for their advertising campaign with Facebook’s mobile ads. Finally, they must choose a payment method and their ad campaign set up is complete. App developers will be able to advertise their latest creations right on mobile devices with ads that bring users directly to their apps in their respective application stores. It’s bound to be helpful, in that Vijaye Raji writes in the blog post,

 Facebook has increasingly become a way for iOS and Android developers to grow their apps. In the past 30 days, we have sent people to the Apple App Store and Google Play 146 million times, via clicks from channels such as news feed, timeline, bookmarks and App Center.

News for app developers regarding Facebook marketing opportunities did not stop there, however. There is now an option available to developers that allows them to rack up subscriptions through Facebook. The feature will let developers set prices on their apps, and give them the option to allow things like free trials or premium memberships. It’s a way to monetize applications that are developed for use on Facebook.com itself. Keeping track of transaction data and subscription earnings will also be easy now, thanks to Facebook’s recent API for subscriptions.

App developers are often struggling to effectively advertise their latest hits, so Facebook’s newest features will directly impact the amount business that developers receive. It seems that Facebook is trying to take care of everyone when it comes to marketing, and by giving app developers something to work with, they have done some good. Facebook will continue to become more efficient in their marketing efforts, helping all sorts of businesses, brands, and advertisers.

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