ClickBooth Makes Big Hire


James Epstein recently started as General Counsel. Epstein will act as the senior attorney of Clickbooth’s legal department, facilitating the achievement of the company’s goals from a legal perspective. His extensive legal expertise combined with years of management experience promises to add great value to Clickbooth’s full-fledged compliance team.

Name sound familiar? You’ve probably worked with him on a business deal or negotiated a contract with him. Most recently, he was head of management of operations and legal affairs as General Counsel for the online advertising company, Reachsmart Interactive. It was in this position that he led the development of integrated compliance management processes for Reachsmart’s affiliate network and multiple web channels, as well as helping the Company diversify its revenue base and create a wholly owned Indian subsidiary. Prior to that he was responsible for legal affairs including commercial transactions, regulatory compliance, securities, acquisitions and funding as General Counsel for the publicly traded

“I could not be more excited to join the IntegraClick team which, through the Clickbooth brand, has achieved unrivaled growth in the affiliate marketing space and is well known as a leader in compliance and best practices. In a period of regulatory and market transition for online advertising in general, IntegraClick is well positioned to not only continue its leadership position but to also capitalize on the many opportunities available for growth and expansion into new channels.”

Epstein leverages a unique skill set developed over many years as a private attorney and in house counsel. It is these skills along with his extraordinary reputation (and beer pong prowess) that make him a great addition to the Clickbooth executive team.

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