Yahoo! Axis May Give Yahoo the Edge it Needs


It was almost a silent attack when Google, Facebook, and a few other big names started to take over the internet world, along with the entire digital age pretty much. However, one of the first names that anyone ever became familiar with in this new age of computer screens and tablets was Yahoo. Of course, Yahoo is still a pretty big name on the web today, but its competition with Google that’s been going on for so long has been a losing one for some time now. However, the people behind the desks at Yahoo are not giving up that easily. At this point, it’s clear that Yahoo has little chance of surpassing Google in internet popularity and use, but they have come out with a new feature that will keep them in the game.

Yahoo’s most recent improvement to their internet presence is called Yahoo! Axis, according to a post in their advertising blog. Yahoo describes it as a new design to their search engine, that brings search and browsing into a single visual experience, getting users away from their usual scanning of long lists of blue links to find what they are looking for. The team writes, “This innovative approach to search ultimately delivers answers more efficiently and even provides instant answers as you type.  You can use Yahoo! Axis on your iPhone, iPad, or on the desktop and seamlessly move from one to the other, picking up where you left off every time.” Wish Yahoo! Axis, Yahoo is taking a step further into the world of optimal search engine use, catering to users and advertisers alike. Although this announcement seems like one that would belong on the company’s general blog, it sits in the pages of the advertising blog with good reason.

Later in the post, Yahoo mentions, “Yahoo! Axis brings potentially new opportunities for advertisers.  Though ads did not appear at launch, we are actively exploring ways to present the most compelling ads for this new integrated browsing search experience. We believe the advertising experience should benefit both the user and advertiser, and by introducing ads post launch, it allows us to observe user interaction with this completely new search experience.” They have a good point, because pages covered in ads can often make or break the user experience, so its best to leave them out for now, to see exactly how users feel about the new design before taking advantage of what it has to offer advertisers.

So, there’s a possibility of a new popular advertising medium in the near future with Yahoo! Axis. Yahoo has proven many times to be very innovative, coming out with a lot of its features before anyone else could. It isn’t Yahoo itself that has recently put it a bit behind Google, but it’s just that some of Google’s newest innovations have become very popular. However, maybe Yahoo still has a fighting chance if Yahoo! Axis is anything like what Yahoo says it is in their blog. It will be interesting to see where this new design-based feature will take Yahoo in the near future.

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